Concept, Choreography and Direction: Robert Bondara
Music: Amon Tobin
Costume Design: Anna Lorenc, Robert Bondara
Set Design and Light Design: Robert Bondara

World Premiere:
11 May 2012 [Creations 4Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera, Polish National Ballet, Warsaw]

Also presented:
12 October 2015 [STS Festival, Studio Theater, Warsaw, Poland]
21, 22 June 2019 [Moving Arts, Polsky Theater, Kansas City, USA]
29, 29 June 2019 [Moving Arts, Jarson-Kaplan Theater, Cincinnati, USA]


It seemed that after a full-length Persona it would be difficult for the artist to beat his own achievements. This time he decided to depart from an idea which bonds a choreographic work, or from a parable, and play with a concept of dance as such, with the relation and correlation of dancers in the movement. Whatever one writes about 8m68, because this is the title Bondara gave to his work, it will be a personal interpretation of abstract dance in a very interesting space (the rectangle of the stage is covered with artificial snow). [...] I could see a fight, attraction, rejection and attraction, fear and joining in the group. It made me think a little of the dynamism of Ed Wubbe's Green, a little of Emanuel Gat's Rites of Spring, and at the same time in the aspect of movement it was visible that Bondara disposes of his own language, he has his own style, but he also is open to further experiments.

Kreowanie własnej przyszłości, Katarzyna Gardzina